Customs representative (broker)

We provide a truly high-quality service in customs clearance. Our comprehensive approach helps us to solve problems at any stage of their appearance.

The range of our services includes:

  • Consulting on the application of customs, currency and tax laws, and other matters of foreign trade. Wide staff of qualified professionals enables us to pay maximum attention to each client and to find individual solutions to tasks.
  • Assistance in the preparation and evaluation of documents. We help with all the necessary documents for customs clearance, provide assessment services for the correctness of filling documents on foreign trade in terms of legislation before the transaction (assessment of export documents, assistance in preparing the certificates, state registration, reporting CCI, etc.).
  • Direct preparation of customs declaration. With the service of the customs representative you reduce to a minimum the risk of errors in the design of the customs declaration, which may arise due to ignorance of the subtleties of the customs legislation. A huge range of products, the design of which we were engaged, enables us to correctly make a customs declaration in accordance with all the rules that apply specifically to your cargo.
  • Release of the customs declaration in the shortest time.
  • Cargo tracking on all terminals.
  • Representation of a client in the customs authorities on all issues, such as the coordination of emerging issues in the functional departments of customs, signing customs payment, confirmation of classification, etc.
  • The timely provision of all required documents after the release of the declaration.
  • Providing services for the workflow of payment documents and money transfers between the client and the customs authorities.
  • Support after release.
  • Timely provision of properly executed documents for exchange control. Representation of a client in the customs authorities in the event of dispute after the release of Cargo Customs Declaration.
  • Services in support of the specialized software for electronic declaration.
  • Legal support on controversial issues.
  • Tax consulting.